Did my implant go wrong?



So I got my implant three days ago. I was told I “wouldn’t feel a thing”. The insertion was extremely painful and bled lots. It continued to bleed, swell and bruise until my entire arm was dead and it was a constant source of pain. Changing the dressing was horrific but needed doing. Three days on and the bleeding has stopped and the bruising is fading. It’s still bandaged so I don’t bump it as its painful.
Is this normal?? Did anyone else get this or did it go wrong?


Hi @mollymonkey Thanks for sharing your experience. Implant fitting is often associated with a lot of bruising. The reason why we apply a large bandage on the site is not because of the cut (that is tiny) but to apply gentle and consistent pressure to reduce the bruising. I would say that bruising is normal.

What people need to look out for is infection - if it looks hot and red and swollen then this might be a sign of infection and this would be more unusual. We would aim to use a ‘no touch’ fitting technique where we do not touch any part of the implant that goes into the body. This is an important strategy for reducing infection risk.

The fact that things are settling down after 3 days is very reassuring. If they continue to get better then I would not worry, but if your symptoms get worse then you should see the person who fitted it.

Simple painkillers like paracetamol, in the doses on the packet can be very helpful.

I think it is really useful to share your experience so that others can predict this too - the more people know about the procedure in advance the less likely they are to be worried by normal things, like bruising after fitting.

Thanks for your post.