Different types of copper IUD


I had the non hormonal IUD fitted just over a year ago and have experienced extremely heavy, long periods since that usually last 2 weeks. I’ve tried the combined pill and the mini pill previously and they both affected my moods heavily and the mini pill gave me constant breakthrough bleeding. I’ve read somewhere that there is a smaller version of the non hormonal IUD that lasts 5 years but can’t find much information on this. I’m wondering if there is one out there, that it might help with my extremely heavy periods.


Hello, thanks for the question.

The copper IUD does make your periods longer and heavier. It sometimes gets better over the first few months but it sounds like this is causing you a lot of problems. There is a smaller version of the copper IUD available, but it is unlikely to be better for your periods. The hormonal coil might be a possibility - it causes irregular bleeding in the first few months but this settles down and most people are not having periods at all by the end of the first year.

Is this something that might be interested in finding out more about?

Many thanks