Do I have to be fitted for a diaphragm?


Hi, I’m confused. I read everywhere that you have to be fitted for a diaphragm but the family planning clinic website says I just buy one from a pharmacy without fitting. I cant actually find one on the usual pharmacy websites or any mention of them selling them at all (boots, Lloyd’s, superdrug). I can see you can buy a caya from amazon but how do i know if its the right size? I’ve not used one before but I have very limited contraception options so its something I’d like to try.


Hello @kirts82

Many thanks for your question. We used to fit people for diaphragms but not any more. In fact they don’t even make them in different sizes any more. Caya is now the only option and seems better designed and more user friendly than the old diaphragms. It should fit 80% of people. It is thought to have a failure rate of 17% with typical use and 13% with perfect use.

Hope helpful