Do I need to get tested?



I recently found out that my ex was cheating on me before we broke up around a year ago. And there was one occasion before we broke up that we had sex without a condom and looking back it seems he had also had sex with the girl he cheated with a few days earlier.

This was a year ago though and I had have no symptoms that I’m aware of. I have a new partner now and we have had sex without a condom (this was before I knew I was cheated on)

My question is is it worth getting tested now or is it too late and any potential infections would have shown up by now?

The kits aren’t available in my postcode and due to covid the clinics are obviously only testing people with symptoms.


Hello @Scot

Yes it is still worth getting tested. Most clinics have some sort of remote testing service so it is worth enquiring about that, otherwise most clinics are now starting to see people again so hopefully they will be able to see you soon.

Sorry for the slow response, I am just catching up after being on holiday.

Many thanks