Do i really need the morning after pill?


Forgot to take my pill. Can’t I just take 3 or 4 of my mini pills together? instead of paying for the morning after pill? Same effect right?

'Jumping through hoops to get the morning after pill'

Hi @redz
Good question! The problem is that most people taking the mini pill now are on one that contains the hormone desogestrel. The progestagen in the morning after pill is levonorgestrel or a different type of hormone called ulipristal acetate. So its not the same hormone. There are some mini pills that contain levonorgestrel but they are not commonly used. The second problem is that the mini pill is not licensed to be taken in this way. This means that when the mini pill got its licence to be used as a contraceptive it was to be taken daily - not 3 or 4 at once. So, I don’t think anyone can advise you to use it in this way.

If you miss a mini pill you should take it as soon as you remember and take the next one on time and keep taking the pill. If you have sex in the 48 hours after you have missed the pill then you should use condoms for additional protection against pregnancy.

If you are under 25 you can get the morning after pill free from many pharmacists. You can also get it free from your GP and from sexual health clinics.

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Hope helpful.