Do the days matter for the mini pill?



Hello @Dr_Paula
So I’ve just recently went to the doctors and I’ve been prescribed the Degestoral progestogen only pill. I have a really simple question, I’m starting the pill outside of my period so I know I’ll have to use other contraceptives for a couple days, however I’ve taken the first tablet and it was the first one in the pack but they have days on them. I’ve taken the one on the Monday because I thought it didn’t matter and you just take the first one. Do the days matter?


Hello @Eva

Really good question - I am sure that others have been stuck in the same situation.

All the pills are the same - so it is helpful to take a pill marked monday on the monday and the pill marked tuesday on the tuesday etc - it just helps you to remember whether you have taken your pill that day or not. You will probably get so used to taking the pill that sometimes you wont be able to remember whether you have taken it or not - so you will be able to look at the packet and see whether you have taken it - does that make sense?

But at the same time you don’t have to do this - its just to help you to remember.

Many thanks



@Dr_Paula Thankyou so much, yes that makes sense. So I don’t have to but at the same time it’d help. I’ve also downloaded an app to help me remember. So if I wanted to go about taking it on the correct day, considering I’ve already taken the one on the Monday, would I just take the one that’s on the Saturday, tomorrow?
Thankyou again


Thanks @Eva - yes thats right - just take the saturday one tomorrow.

Many thanks