Does POP reduce the ability to conceive in the future?


If I take POP will this impact my fertility when I do want kids in the future? Ive heard for some people it takes longer to get pregnant after taking it.


The POP is a good option to take if you don’t want to get pregnant right now but know you can easily stop it yourself and get pregnant in the future. For the POP to stop you getting pregnant you need to take it every day. Once you stop taking it the effects wear off very quickly. Some pills you only have a 3 hour window period before it’s considered a missed pill and you’re at risk of pregnancy (other pills you can be up to 12 hours late).

I actually think of the POP as one the better contraceptions to use if you are considering getting pregnant in the not too distant future. The injection can take a little while longer to wear off and the coils/implant need to be taken out in clinic (but fertility does return very quickly when these are taken out).