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Afternoon Folks,

New to this forum but after some advice, I’m 31 in a near 7yr relationship he’s 34 and we’re getting married next july. I have a daughter (11) and he has a son (15) we do not want anymore children and atm I have the copper coil due to any other contraception making me gain weight. I have depression and Borderline Personality disorder as well as Interstitial cystitis where my urine attacks my bladder and I have the permanent symptoms of a UTI (annoying AF) my periods are heavy & painful due to the coil and I’m considering getting sterilised. My periods flare my IC and it takes ages to get back on track.

We have discussed it in depth and neither of us are going to change my mind. I’m 100% sure in my heart that I want to be sterilised I suppose my mind is the one playing tricks on me (damn MH) any advice would be appreciated… I’ve read about procedure so I’m clued up just want some extra advice


@Dr_Paula please help…


Hello @Mumwithquestions1988

Very happy to provide any extra information that you need to help make your decision. Is there anything specific that you would like more information on?

Have you considered both male and female sterilisation?

Many thanks



Hi @Dr_Paula

We haven’t discussed male & female Sterilisation I’ve been thinking about it (female) for a while now. I know that ‘regret’ forms a big part of reversals but I’m not concerned about that. I know its right for me… but I’d like to know really if its just done laparoscopically or done another way? I’ve read up on this type but is there another way? I’m a care worker at a care home how long would I be looking at recovery wise?


Hello @Mumwithquestions1988

There is quite a lot more about how the operation will be done and how you will feel afterwards on this thread:

Usually the operation is done by laparoscopy and under general anaesthetic. The decision about the type of operation and the type of anaesthetic will be made by you and the surgeon doing the operation. You can normally return to work 5 days after the operation but you are normally advised to avoid heavy lifting for a week after the operation.

Alternatives to doing the sterilisation through a small surgical incision (laparotomy) - usually this would be done if for some reason laparoscopy was not possible.

Hope this is helpful.