@dr_Paula Taking evening primrose oil



I know you have answered a similar question on this forum before about taking the combined pill and evening primrose oil (EPO). However, I just wanted some reassurance. When I was suggested by the nurses at the hospital to take EPO for my cysts, I bought it straight away. But I noticed the bottle says it regulates the hormones and wanted to be sure that this regulation did not interfere with the hormones of the combined pill I take (Microgynon 30). Many of the few sources I've read say there is no evidence that it would interfere, though I read one source (perhaps not a reliable one, as it was a qoura answer), that it disrupts the endocrine system and the function of the pill in the liver and so you could get pregnant. This same source also said the same for st. John's wort which I know is something the information on the pill leaflet says you should not take with the pill. But of course the leaflet makes no mention of EPO.
If it is safe to take EPO with the pill, do you know why? Or in other words, how do you know it doesnt interfere with the pill?