Extending pill cycle


Hi @Dr_Paula I’m going away next month and the week that I’m away is when my break week lands on, I don’t want to skip it when I’m away just incase or spotting/breakthrough bleeding that I sometimes get from skipping so I would like to just push it back a week. Can I simply just take an extra weeks worth of pills this month and then have my break week, meaning that next months will be pushed back?
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Hello @Niamhjane

Yes that is absolutely fine - as long as long as you do not stop for more than 7 days then it is fine to push back your bleed for a week.

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@Dr_Paula Does that mean that if I take the pill for the 21 days, and want to take the second pack for just another couple of days (and not the whole pack) I’ll still be protected? For example, will I be protected if I take the first pack (21 days) and then 5 days of the second pack and then stop to have my 7 days pill-free period?

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Apologies for the slow reply - I am on holiday at the moment - so not checking the forum very regularly.

Yes, you can extend the time for which you take the pill by taking an extra 5 days of the next packet. The thing that you cannot do is to extend the number of days that you you do not take the pill - that should never be longer than 7.

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