Feeling the threads of my copper coil



I had my non-hormonal coil fitted 3/4 days ago, I still can’t feel my threads? I’m unsure on whether I’m doing it wrong as I weren’t shown how to do so. Is it normal to not feel them for the first few days maybe due to swelling or should I get it checked to be sure. Just to give a little more insight, my insertion was very painful and have never felt pain like it. I also had very bad cramps for 3 days, I just wanted to ask on here before making an appointment of calling the clinic.



Hello @Lilchloe97

I am sorry to hear that your coil fitting was so painful. If you continue to have pain then you should contact the person who fitted it.

In terms of feeling your threads - it can be a little tricky. They are usually cut so that about 2cm of the end of the threads are in the vagina - like this:


You can see that they come through the cervix or ‘neck of the womb’. The cervix feels like a lump in the top of the vagina. The walls of the vagina are slightly rough whereas the cervix feels smooth and the walls of the vagina are flexible whereas the cervix feels firm (like the end of your nose).

Once you can feel your cervix then try to pass your finger over the surface of the cervix and you can feel the threads - they are quite fine - thicker than cotton but thinner than normal household string.

They often do not hang down into the vagina, but tuck themselves up to the side of the cervix. Here is a picture of what they actually look like. The picture below is a medical picture, so let me know if you think it is too much for this forum and I will remove it.

Many thanks



That was a massive help, thank you!


Oh good! I am very glad that it was helpful.