Female sterilisation - 23 yrs old


Hi @Dr_Paula,

I’m 23 and I have 2 children. I have been looking into female sterilisation for a few months now. I had the implant and didn’t like it, I can’t have the combined pill for medical reasons and I’m too forgetful to keep up with the other pill. I’ve looked at all other contraceptive options and they’re just not for me.

I want to be sterilised, I don’t want to worry about contraception in the future. I don’t want another child, let alone afford it. My youngest has cystic fibrosis, I won’t be able to cope with the possibility of 2 children with CF. Also for mental health reasons, I do not want to get pregnant again. I would love to adopt in the future if I can. I also want to start my career and it will only set me back. I’ve already been denied by a GP on the basis of being too young and ‘taking it away from my future self’. I am however very certain this is what I want.

What can I do to get this procedure?