Fertility returning after long-term use of the pill


I have been on microgynon since my Dr prescribed it when I was a teenager, I want to start trying for a baby in about a year (I’m 28 now), how long does it take for my fertility to go back to normal…?


It will depend on how old you are, and what your ‘normal’ is… I was told my fertility would return after 3-6 months. It took us 11 months to conceive (I was 31 when I conceived). Good luck :blush:


I asked my GP this the other day and they gave me a leaflet which says:
‘If you want to try for a baby it’s advisable to wait for one natural period before trying to get pregnant. This means the pregnancy can be dated more accurately and you can start pre-pregnancy care such as taking folic acid and stopping smoking. Ask your doctor or nurse for advice…’
That was new to me… so thought I’d share on here.


Hi Jess,
Your fertility will return to normal after you stop taking the combined pill. Most women, who have regular periods before taking the pill will find that their normal cycle will return within six months. Some women find that their usual cycles begin again very quickly after stopping, but for others it can take longer so don’t worry if your periods don’t start immediately.
Fertility starts to decrease when a woman reaches her mid-thirties. At 28, I would try for a year and if you don’t conceive have a chat with your Dr. You can read more about fertility here: sh24.org.uk/sexual-health/genital-health/female-fertility