Forgot to start new pack of pills



I took the last pill of my pack on Sunday and got my breakout bleed on Friday. I should also start a new pack of pill on Friday but I don’t know why I tought I have to start new pack on Thursday (completely messed everything up), and I came to my senses today (Sunday)…so I missed 2 pills of the new pack. Now I don’t know what to do…should I take 3 pills today? Or just start new pack from today on? I also had sex on Wednesday so Im a bit worried that I might become pregnant because I missed two pills? Do I have to worry? I will call my doctor tommorow but they start working at 2pm so thats a bit long for my nervous self.
Thanks for your help.


Hello @girl1

Many thanks for your question.

I am assuming that you are taking the combined pill.

I don’t think I completely understand when you started and stopped your pill and when you missed the pills but in general, you take your pill for 21 days and stop for 7. So if you finish your packet on a sunday then you should restart your next packet on the following monday - that is after 7 days without taking a pill. It does not matter when your bleed started or when it finished - you just follow the 21 days on and 7 days off pattern - if that is the way that you are taking the pill.

If you missed 2 or more pills and you had unprotected sex in the following 7 days then you may have be at risk of pregnancy - but I would need to know when you missed your pills.

It sounds as though you are going to talk this through with your doctor - so I am sure that you have got this sorted but thanks for asking the question anyway as others may have similar questions.

Many thanks



yes, I’m taking the combined pill. I have 24 active pills (only 4 placeboes). I finished the last pack on Sunday (the 2nd) and should start next on Friday (the 7th) - but I missed 2 days (I took the first one on Sunday - the 9th).
So I missed 2 pills, and I had sex before (the weekend before - the 1st&2nd, and on Wednesday - the 5th). So from these days (I started my breakout bleed on Friday - the 7th), I’m afraid that there is some chance for pregnancy?
So now I started the next pack two days late and I haven’t taken 3 pills on Sunday - should I use back up method in this week?

Thanks for your answer.


Hello @girl1

I am sorry for my slow reply, I am just back from holiday. I think it is far too late for me to reply to this now.

For future reference, I can be of more help if you let me know what type of pill you are taking?

Many thanks