From combined to mini pill?




I’m wondering if anyone can share some experience, I’ve been on the combined pill now millinette 20/75 for 4 years, I’ve had a couple of short breaks in between and have noticed the negative effect it has on my mood and anxiety I’ve also started to experience shortness of breath at certain times of the month and strange aches (I think this is due to health anxiety and not solely the pill however the pill is making it worse)

My question is I want to change to the mini pill norgeston, I’ve taken Ovranette and Logynon many years ago and can’t remember having a negative impact on my weight/mood as this mini pill contains the same hormone should my body react the same to it? Or could it react different as it’s only a dose of progesterone and no oestrogen to balance it out?

Apologies this is so long winded! I’m just dreading taking something new and gaining loads of weight or feeling even lower!


Hello @Cokey87

Many thanks for your question and apologies for my slow response.

It sounds like it could be a good idea to try the progestagen only pill. I think it is difficult to predict how you might feel on it based on how you feel on the combined pill. If you are getting shortness of breath on the combined pill then you should definitely stop taking it and see your doctor.

I think that the best thing could be to try it out and see how you go. As you say it is one hormone rather than two. The commonest side effect is very irregular bleeding. You may have no periods or irregular periods or bleeding all the time. There is no evidence that it causes weight gain, but there is some evidence that it may be associated with low mood.

Many thanks