Gedarel 30/150 and side effects



Hi @Dr_Paula
I have been on lots of different pills and never found something that suits me longer than 18 months. I am currently taking Gedarel 30/150 And I am into my 4th month, back to back due to severe ovulation pain (feels like appendicitis, glad that’s stopped!) BUT… I am so so uninterested in sex and I am so dry, I have never experienced anything like this, it’s horrendous, I had thrush every month for 3+ years and this is becoming as irritating!

Any advice? I’m using personal lubricants, the thrush is now finally controlled and has stopped. I cannot have sex as it’s so uncomfortable even with lubricant.


Hello @EmilyC

Many thanks for your question.

The only methods that are going to reliably stop ovulation are the combined methods (pill, patch, ring) or the injectable. Other methods may stop ovulation but are less reliable at doing so (progestagen only pill, implant, hormone coil).

Some people do find that the pill reduces their sex drive - see this thread on the forum. Can't reach orgasm while on pill

I am not sure whether I have an evidence based answer, but I wondered whether you might try the patch or vaginal ring? They are combined methods so they will stop ovulation but they have different delivery methods and it just might make a difference. If you do try them then do please let me know so that others can learn from your experience.

Hope helpful.