Genital warts


Hello. I have genital warts for over 3 months now. I spotted them before the lockdown in the UK but thought they may go off as there was not many of them. I rang the sexual health service as it was my only option and they told me not to worry,as it will go off, and call them if it gets any worse. however now I start to worry as they look awful there is so many of them, on my labia and inside my vagina.
Should I call them again and try to make an appointment? Will they do anything about it? Are there any meds for it? Should I get tested for HPV and tell my partner to get tested too? Thank you.
Also, I did get all( I think so) of the injections for HPV when I was in year 8, is this possible that I may have HPV?


Helllo @oliis

Apologies for my slow reply.

Most clinics are offering appointments now. Usually you telephone in advance and they will make you an appointment. If you explain that the warts are getting worse then they should see you.

Yes, there is good treatment for warts that should ensure that they disappear.

There are many types of HPV virus. The ones that cause warts that you can see are not the same as the ones that cause cervical abnormalities.

Hope helpful