Get this thing out of me!


I’m 32, I’ve tried almost every type of hormonal contraceptive going but they don’t agree with me. I suffer from horrendous periods, large clotting, heavy flow, as I write this I’ve been in bed and vomiting for 24 hours with the pain.

I approached my GP wanting to be sterilised, however we hit a stumbling block because I’m single. I have a good relationship with him, however I was kind of offended that the assumption was that I might meet someone and want to have babies. I have a kid, I’m absolute in my not wanting another, including abstaining from intercourse for many years at one point in order to stop the risk of an accidental pregnancy.

Though I’m single, I’m happily sexually active and am using condoms, but the periods still come, the pain still happens.

So what boxes do I need to tick to ‘qualify’ for a hysterectomy? I want to be armed with as much information as I can be, especially about qualifying criteria.

Many thanks xxx


Hello @JustChels

As you go into this discussion with a gynaecologists it is worth knowing that the hysterectomy and sterilisation are two different things. Hysterectomy is rarely done for sterilisation anymore. It can be done as a treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding - and it has a pros and cons that it would be worth thinking through.

This decision aid has been designed for women with heavy menstrual bleeding to do with their gynaecologist - it might be a good starting point for you to think through your options.

Do let me know if it is helpful as it would help me to know whether to recommend it to others.