Getting a coil fitting appointment


Having read all the really helpful posts on here about the IUS, I finally decided to have an IUS inserted, only to find no appointments anywhere in East or South London clinics for about a month. I have a full time job and don’t really want to have to go to a walk-in clinic, queue up outside the clinic before opening and sit around for hours waiting. Has anyone else experienced this and have any advice? I guess there’s no hurry but I’ll try not to chicken out before I get there!


Hi @Suzanne

Did you try Camberwell Sexual Health Centre? I think they usually have loads of IUS appointments. The problem is that I think you have to go in to the clinic to make an appointment - which is a real pain - I am trying to get them to change this.

Many thanks



Hi @Dr_Paula, yes I rang Camberwell’s appointment line, and they had no appointments until March!


I just don’t understand that - I did an IUD clinic there this evening and it was not fully booked. I am not sure what to recommend except maybe to go with the appointment in March, but when you call up, just to double check that there is nothing earlier. Many apologies that this is so difficult.