Having the Mirena coil inserted while still having the implant in. Is this safe?


I had the Mirena coil inserted on the Monday the 1st of April and I am not able to get my implant in my arm taken out until the 21st of May. Is this safe or is there any risk of clots or anything else? I have been experiencing pain in my left arm for 2 days and I am worried it is something serious and my mood seems lower.


Hello @Efamcg

There is no medical risk from having the Mirena and the implant in your body at the same time.

They are both progestagen only methods and so neither of them carries a risk of blood clots.

I am not sure why you are experiencing pain in your arm but I cannot think of any medical reason for this that could relate to having the implant and the Mirena in at the same time.

In terms of low mood - there is a thread on this here Can the hormonal coil cause mental health issues? that could be helpful.

Many thanks