Heavy Periods and cramps - what to do if not wanting to take hormonal contraception



Hi everyone and @Dr_Paula
I was wondering if anybody had some advice or could share their own experience relating to this.

I’ve had really heavy periods and severe cramps that prevent me from functioning over the day and basically make me bed-bound for the first days of my period (painkillers, hot water bottles don’t work) until I went on the patch.
The patch made my cramps completely disappear but I am also on it consistently without a break week, but I have noticed I experience a different kind and more severe form of anxiety which has started around the same time I started using the patch. It has gotten so bad now that I am considering going off the patch but i need some sort of different contraception since condoms don’t go well with me and I’m resistant about getting back on hormones even if they are a different kind to what I am taking right now. So after this long introduction I was wondering if there is any way that the copper coil will not make my already severe period cramps even worse? did anybody with a heavy period have good experience with the copper coil? Is there a possibility that people react differently to it? Or does anybody have any ideas of an alternative?

Thanks to whoever replies


Hello @zoekayser

It would be good to know what others think …

Form a clinical perspective the copper coil usually makes your periods worse - it does not seem like a good option for someone who has such awful periods.

The hormone coil does generate some hormone that circulates in your blood stream - but the levels are very low. Most of the effect comes from hormones that are released locally in the womb and stay in the womb.

It might be useful to find out if the anxiety decreases if you do have a weeks break from the patch? Is this something that might be worth trying?

There is no question that hormones can be associated with mood changes. It is also very likely that these effects change with different hormones. Any of the combined oral contraceptives - pills, patches, rings will probably do a good job of controlling your periods. They could be worth a try.

Hope helpful