Help needed



Hi @Dr_Paula

I’m in a long distance relationship so I was put on the pill as it’s something I was told I didn’t have to take all the time only the weeks up to seeing each other & for a little while after.

Problem is, I really struggle taking it. I can’t swallow it… is it an issue if it dissolves in my mouth? Or do I need to swallow it whole?
Is biting it an option?

Many thanks!


Hello @mmsx

Many thanks for your question.

The standard advice for people who struggle to take pills is to try taking them in a spoon of jam - don’t know if you have tried this at all.

If that doesn’t work - it sounds like the pill option may not work well for you. If you are on the combined pill you may want to consider a patch or a vaginal ring which are different ways of delivering the same hormone. You could stop and start these in the same way as the pill.

If you are on the progestagen only pill then similar hormones are delivered through the implant or the injection - but this would not give the option to stop and start.

In terms of whether it is a problem whether they dissolve in your mouth or you chew them - I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve looked at the product specification for some pills and they just say ‘product to be taken orally with liquid if necessary’.

Do let me know what you decide to do.

Many thanks