Help Please - constant pain and bleeding



Hello! I need advice please, I’ve tried three different mini pills and none of them seem to work for me. I have been experiencing sharp abdominal pain (mainly in the evenings) and bleeding every week. I also have terrific headache with sickness before bleeding starts. I feel so tired and not sure what to do.

I was used to take combined pill for 5 years but my GP has changed my prescription due to headaches which have actually worsened since I have new taking POP.

Please help!!!


Hello @Valerie_valerie

Many thanks for your question. It is important to discuss the causes of sharp abdominal pain and irregular bleeding with your GP or your nearest sexual health service. It is important just to make sure that there is nothing else other than the mini pill that is causing this - this might need an examination and a test for sexually transmitted infection - If you prefer to go to a sexual health service then you can look up your nearest service here

I think from your question that you were happier on the combined pill. If you have simple headaches on the combined pill then this is not a contraindication - you can continue to take it.

If you have migraines without aura then you should also be able to continue on the combined pill - unless your migraines started for the first time when on the combined pill.

If you have migraines with aura then the risks of taking the combined pill usually outweigh the benefits. This is because migraine with aura in combination with the pill increases your risk of a stroke.

So, how do you know whether you have migraine and not a simple headache? Migraines are usually one sided headaches and can be associated with feeling sick or not liking bright lights.

Migraine with aura is a migraine but with symptoms before the pain starts such as flashing lights or numbness/tingling in one leg or one arm - there are many forms of aura - I have written more about them here: Migraines with aura

Does this help with solving your problem at all?

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

Many thanks



Good Evening @Dr_Paula,

Thank you so much for your response, much appreciated.

I will certain follow up concerns regarding abdominal pain with my GP once again.

Regarding my headaches, it all started from a simple routine eye test. During my appointment, the optician was not happy with my scans and referred me to the hospital for some further scans on the same day. All results were clear apart from very a slight abnormality - the nerves at the back of my eye are slightly raises. Doctor asked my if I had any symptoms and I mentioned that I occasionally suffer from headaches. I was then examined further by both neurologist and ophthalmologist - MRI, lumbar puncture, various scans and again it was all clear. I still get headaches sometimes but not more often that anyone else. (I have always had headaches probably since I was 12 years old - maybe max. once a month).

Later on all the notes were passed onto to my GP who then changed my pill. First mini pill was Cerazette - I was bleeding all the time, then they suggested I try a copper coil as it does not contain any hormones and should hopefully help but this is when my worst nightmare started! I was in agony every night, still bleeding and headaches worse than I have ever had, then they ended up taking my coil out and giving me Norgestone instead. The pain had gone but I was still bleeding, then my GP offered to try a hormonal coil Mirena which should help with bleeding and pain which unfortunately, did not work either. Same symptoms as with copper coil - pain and bleeding, they also ended up taking my coil out after a few months. They have now given me Zelleta.

I really appreciate your advice and will try combined pills again, I just cannot wait to get my life back to normal.

Thank you.



Hello @Valerie_valerie

Thanks for the extra information - sounds like you have had a difficult time with your contraception - I am sure that you can get a method that suits you.

Given what you have said about your headaches - the key thing that you need to find out is what was in the information from the neurologist that made your GP want to switch you from combined hormonal contraception.

The thing that you need to check is - was there anything that they found in the investigations that could suggest an increased risk of blood clots (thrombosis in a vein? The pill increases your risk of thrombosis and so do migraines with aura - that is why they are not a good combination. But anything else that increases your risk of blood clots is also going to be a problem as blood clots in a vein can have serious consequences.

It sounds like they may have been worried about raised intracranial pressure - in this case I think you would need to contact the neurologist that did the investigations - your GP could write to them and check whether the neurologist feels you are at an increased risk of blood clots. If yes then it would NOT be a good idea to go back on the combined pill. If no then you should talk with your GP about why they thought it was a bad idea.

If you can’t go on combined hormonal contraception then we should think through your other options. Zelleta is the same as Cerazette.

One thing that might be worth considering is going to see a specialist in contraception. Most big hospitals will have a consultant in sexual and reproductive health care that specialises in contraception. It might just help to talk through all your options with them.

Also worth checking out the information on the SH:24 website so that you know that you have considered all of your options - things like ‘natural cycles’ or the diaphragm may be an option for you - check out all the methods here

It would be really helpful to everyone on the forum to hear how you get on so do please keep us posted and let me know if there is any further information that you need.

Many thanks



Hello @Dr_Paula,

Thank you for your message, I had managed to book an appointment with my GP earlier this morning. I have been referred for further blood tests and scan to eliminate any other possible causes.

I will certainly keep everyone posted and hopefully, get to the bottom of this.

Thank you so much for all assistance.

Kind Regards,