Hi I’m getting pain in my left side of pelvic and getting discomfort in my balls.


Hello @Rabbi
The symptom you describe is one that is difficult to assess on this sort of discussion forum. Pain in the testicles has many causes - one of them - if the testicle gets twisted causes a great deal of pain and needs urgent medical attention. Other, more common causes include injury, hernia or infection. I think the best advice that I can give is to visit your GP or your sexual health clinic. Obviously if the pain is severe you will need to go to Accident and Emergency.

I am happy to provide more details about specific causes if this is helpful.

Many thanks



I mainly get the pain during sex or after


Hello @Rabbi

The commonest causes of pain in the testicle are as follows:

  1. Twisted testicle - this is a medical emergency and needs urgent attention - but it is something that happens quickly - it doesn’t happen over months or years - so if you have sudden onset severe pain in the testicles you need to visit your doctor quickly.

  2. Infection of the tube that carries the sperm - this is often associated with sexually transmitted infection and you should get tested for infection.

  3. Varicocoele - an enlargement of the veins around the testicle. This tends to give a dull throbbing sensation.

There are other causes such as a hernia or pain that is associated with a vasectomy. In many situations no abnormality is found and no treatment is needed. I can’t think of a reason that is specifically associated with pain after sex.

My feeling is that this is a symptom that does need a discussion with a doctor - just to get a full picture of when it occurs and with what other symptoms.

Are you able to get an appointment with your GP or sexual health clinic?

Many thanks