Highly sensitive female affected by the menstrual cycle of other females



I have what I assumed to be just very heavy painful, irregular periods. I was on the pill to help with this but have been off the pill for 4 years now. Initially, coming off the pill had little affect on the symptoms but I feel that I may have been affected/ synching with other menstruating females at work.
During lockdown, when I was mostly in my flat with my boyfriend and not spending so much time with females, my period seemed to ‘normalise’ - they were more regular. My period was shorter and lighter and less intrusive in everyday life. Since the start of this year, my cousin has moved into the empty property nextdoor. I do not spend a lot of time with her but I have noticed that my periods have ‘synched’ to her cycle. My periods are now very heavy and last longer. My cousin has a contraceptive implant - is it possible that her implant is having an affect on me? Or am I just affected by her menstrual cycle?
I would appreciate your thoughts and whether anyone else has experienced this.


Hello @pancia

I do not think that your cousin’s implant can be affecting you in any way. There is no way for the hormones in her implant to affect your body.

Many thanks