Hiv result Negative


Got my results back inc HIV , all negative but my concern is am I suffering from anxiety or what , loads of weird health problems at the moment, fibroma lump in my mouth, muscle pains, joint pain, chills , night sweats, had loads of usuals blood tests done and all in normal range,
Stress is getting to me not sleeping, and after like we all do Googled symptoms, and a was convinced I had advance to late stage, and suffering with some sort of Neurology disorder.
That’s why I had this HIV test done ,

My question is my exposure will have been from years ago ( 1992-1996) in that time up until now I have had quite a few infections, gastro, ear, varruceas, , along with all this muscle , nerve , numbness stuff

The test I had done , will it have detected hiv even if exposure was so long ago, will it still detect antigens and hiv antibodies.


Hello @Jazz95

I am very sorry to be so slow in replying to you.

Yes an HIV test will pick up an infection from 20 years ago.

So it is very unlikely that you have HIV unless you could have contracted it in the 45 days prior to testing (the window period)

Many thanks