Hiv Risk?


I had sex with a lady boy sex worker in the Philippines with a condom. I also kissed her/him - what is the risk for HIV/STD?



Hello @Pets123

Thanks for your question. It depends on what type of sex you had and how consistently the condom was used. I think this resource from the Terrence Higgins Trust is really helpful.

Not all of it will apply directly to you but it does go through lots of different types of sexual activity and provide the best advice on risk of each of the sexually transmitted infections for each type of sexual activity.

Maybe start with this web page and then come back if you have further questions.




Just one more thing on this question is of course if you are concerned in anyway you should test for infection.

I’ve just summarised the options for testing on another thread here:



Many thnaks Paula for your response!

I will get a test as I am very worried about HIV - I was just wondering if I need to get PEP?

I am a hetrosexual guy (did not realise it was a lady boy) and inserted into him - anal sex - and used a condom. It lasted about 2 minutes and the condom did not break and I did not ejaculate


not sure how relevant this is but he used my shampoo as a lubricant - dont know if that effects the condom negatively…


Hi @Pets123

There are 2 considerations about PEP

  1. it is only effective if you start taking it within 72 hours.
  2. PEP is not usually recommended if a condom was used correctly and there were no breakages.




For anyone who is interested - this is a good, short questionnaire to work out whether you need PEP




ok thanks so it sounnds like as I used a condom i diont need to do PEP - when is the earliest time I can do the test after an exposure?


Hello @Pets123

We usually suggest waiting 4 weeks from exposure to testing for HIV.
There is more information here: