HIV risk



I had sex with my girlfriend unprotected at the end of her period and she bled on me a bit. As far as I am aware she hasn’t anything. What would be my chances of having hiv? I got a red rash that covered my penile head 2 days later but I also washed it with some hand soap afterward so maybe a reaction


Hello @Cris96

Many thanks for your question.

A rash on the penis is not usually associated with recently contracting HIV - as you say it could be a reaction to soap.

However if you are concerned about HIV then you should test 4 weeks after your risk. This is easy to do with a finger prick blood test that you can order online or a visit to your local sexual health clinic.

Could it be worth having a discussion with your girlfriend along the lines of - having sex when you were bleeding made me think about HIV - would it be a good idea if we both got tested together?

At least this would start a discussion about risks and when you were both last tested?

Has anyone else got tips on how to ask this in a way that is friendly and acceptable?

Many thanks



Hi , thanks for the reply.
We have had sex plenty before this happened. But it’s just it happened 2 days after that it’s kind of scared me and stuck in the back of my mind. I have no doubt she’d let me know if she had anything. I have ordered a test so will see the results for that. The rash was on the head but moved to the foreskin as well. Was advised maybe balantis.


@cris96 as far as i know you’re much more likely to get hiv (or any other sti) from having penetrative sex - whether you got a bit of menstrual blood on you or not is irrelevant. if you’re having unprotected sex you guys should both get tested - if you’re in a relationship it just makes things easier and you don’t get these kind of worries.


Hello @Cris96
Thats great that you ordered a test.
Balanitis is inflammation of the skin of the head of the penis - so that may well be what it is.
Hope all goes well.