HIV test accuracy




Dear Dr,

Could I have your advice please.
I am a heterosexual male and one year ago I had a brief sexual relationship with a female who it subsequently materlised is HIV positive and not on anti viral medication.
Two weeks after the relationship I became ill with chronic stomach ache, swollen lymph under my armpits, nausea and general fatigue - the stomach issues and periodic swelling under my armpits still continues to date over one year later.
I tested for HIV using 4th generation at 4 weeks , three months , six months and twelve months post exposure - all tests were non reactive.
I have a genetic immune deficiency called IGA deficiency meaning I am not able to produce this particular antibody against infections - could this existing immune condition in any way be affecting the validity of my negative HIV test results, especially in view of my ongoing symptoms and my previous partners status?

With thanks.


Hello @Testpilot

As current tests look for antigen - that is part of the virus itself as well as antibody - your bodies immune response to the virus then I do not see why your condition should affect the test results.

Many thanks