Hormonal Coil to Non-hormonal Coil


@Dr_Paula I need some advice :slight_smile:

I have the Mirena Coil but am considering getting it taken out and having the Copper Coil put in because I would like to get all of my hormones back on track (i.e - have a period again and sort out my hormones before my husband and I are ready to have children in the next couple of years)- are there significant issues with this or can I make the switch right away? The nurse practitioner advised against getting a new one in straight away but did not give me any specific reasons why. Would you be able to advise?



Hello @DKing

Many thanks for your question. You can make the switch at any time. Make sure that you have used condoms consistently and correctly or abstained from sex for the 7 days prior to having the coil changed.

Many thanks