Hormonal Coil


Had the coil 2 and a half months ago and haven’t had any bleeding. Yesterday I was experiencing horrible cramps and I’ve started bleeding this morning. Is this normal or should I go to the GP?


Hi Charl, I had some irregular periods in the 3 or 4 months after the coil fitting. They were quite heavy and lasted almost a week although I didn’t have cramps. I would suggest you go and see your GP if the pain is not normal for you, or if your bleeding lasts for a long time, but maybe one of the doctors on here will give you better advice as I’m just speaking from my own experience.


Hello @Charl
Thanks for your question. I am not sure whether you have had a copper or a hormonal coil fitted. From your story it feels like you might need a proper clinical consultation rather than just advice. It is not possible to do clinical consultations on this forum as we know so little about your situation.

The obvious thing that a clinician might be concerned about in someone who had not had periods for a couple of months and then had pain and bleeding would be pregnancy. It would seem important to check that the coil is in the correct place and that you are not pregnant and have not got any infection. The risk of all of those things is small but it would be important to check them out. Checking all of those things would require a clinic visit, so , like @Jellybelly I think it would be a good idea for you to see your GP or the clinician who inserted your coil.

Many thanks