Hormone imbalance




For the past 4 years I’ve had irregular periods (2-3 a month) I’ve had scans etc but the docs think it’s just hormones. I was halfway through my second implant when it started, prior to that I had zero periods for years. I’m not polycystic as that’s been tested too. I first of all had the implant out, was put on a few different contraceptive pills, bleeding would stop altogether then return after 6 months irregular. The doctors wanted to try the coil which I’m against, I ended up going back on the implant. It was fine for months, no periods and now they are back more than ever. I feel I need to just not be on anything to see if my periods go back to normal, I’m not sexually active (lockdown) :joy:. I know the doctor will want me to go on something else but I wondered if anyone had a similar experience? I can’t go on like this, I just want a normal cycle. Thank you, sorry for the essay :heart: