How long after my first ever injection will I be protected after it wears off?


Ok so I had my first ever injection and it wore of on the 18th of September, I’m wondering how many days it would have stopped me getting pregnant after it’s wore off. Also is it normal for blood after to be kinda like dark red-brown tissue paper? My periods are strange in the first place and are extremely heavy to the point where I sometimes bleed for up to two weeks. I know it’s a strange question but I’ve looked everywhere and had no good answers. Anyone have any clues? X


Hello @Jessieowens

Thanks for your question. The injection lasts for 14 weeks after it is given.

Bleeding is common after you stop the injection. Blood flowing slowly e.g. if you have light bleeding or spotting can look dark brown.

I am not sure about your description of it like tissue paper. If you feel that there is tissue mixed with the blood then you should go to clinic for an examination just to check what this is.

Hope helpful