How long after sex is is safe to stop pill


I want to stop taking the mini pill as I am fed up of side effects. How long after having had sex without condom etc is it safe to stop taking it? The pill packet just says it is safe to stop anytime but if I stop too soon after sex then I don’t want to risk getting pregnant.


Hello @PikaG

It is safe to stop anytime - your fertility will come back to normal almost immediately - so any sex after you stop needs additional contraception if you do not want to be pregnant.

Many thanks




Thank you for response but I was asking relating to sex before stopping, so if I had sex without condom on Wed how long should I continue to take pill in order to be protected before stopping. I plan to use alternative contraception after stopping but I am needing to know how long I will need to take pill after sex until it is safe to come off without risk of pregnancy from any sperm still present from before. Hope that makes sense


Hello @PikaG

You can stop the pill the day after having uprotected sex. The mini pill does its job in 3 weys:

  1. thickening the cervical mucus so that sperm cannot get through
  2. Thinning the lining of the womb
    3 stopping ovulation in some people

All of these three things would have been happening before you had the sex. You do not need to continue to take the pill after having sex to prevent pregnancy.

Hope helpful