How long for periods to settle on Desogestrel




I’ve been on the unbranded Desogestrel mini pill for the last two months after drs took me off the combined due to migraines.
I started the new pill as soon as I finished the last strip of the combined, had a regular period as I would’ve normally and everything was great for the first month, no major side effects. However, the second month I got my period around the time I expected it (beginning of the second strip), and I’ve now been bleeding (ranging between really light to medium ish) for nearly three weeks. It’s starting to really annoy me as it’s not always heavy enough for tampons etc but it’s still there.
Does anyone know if this is normal, and if so if it’s likely to settle down anytime soon (or will it ever??). I want to wait it out until I’ve finished this box (three months worth, so one strip to go), but very tempted to go back to the drs if it’s not going to settle. Obviously I’m aware everyone’s different, but interested to hear other’s experiences!


I am also on POP and have had various brands. I have been on it for 7 years now but the first year was awful. It literally took a year to settle but it was confusing as my periods prior to the pull were also irregular. So was difficult to establish what was what. I had a lot of spotting and heavy bleeding for months and spent a lot on sanitary products! But since settling I don’t have periods anymore at all. I’ve had the odd spotting since but maybe like once a year if that. I have been offered alternative methods but if I changed it would likely lead to unsettling my body again and may or may not have similar ‘settling issues’ as before and I don’t want to go through that again if I don’t have to so decided to just stick with what I’m on!