How long to stay on Zelleta before switching to something else?


I have been on Zelleta for a few months now, I am considering stopping it as I’m fed up with the constant roller coaster of moods swings. I assumed that there would be some side affects when taking this pill for the first time, but my constant low mood is not getting any better. There is nothing negative going on in my life and I’ve never suffered with depression before, so I put my sudden change in mood down to this pill.

Do the side effects get better as time goes on? Is it time to change to something else?


Hello @Slmcgrath

Most people recommend trying a new contraceptive method for about 3 months, however I think if any contraceptive method is causing you significant problems before this then it is very reasonable to change method at this stage.

It can be helpful to keep a record of how you are feeling and how things change over time.

Many thanks