How to tell if birth control pills are monophasic


I am taking Harmonet birth control pills. A blister contains 21 white pills which all look the same (and the leaflet says ‘each tablet contains this much estrogen and this much progestin’). Does this mean all the pills in the blister are actually the same (i.e. contain the same amount of hormones in all the pills), in other words these pills are monophasic? I am asking because the blister doesn’t say which pill is the first pill to start taking them with (which gots me very confused) but if they are all the same this doesn’t matter of course.

Also people say that pills in a blister which look the same (are the same color) are actually the same for all brands of birth control. Is this true? So if you have a blister with 21 pills which all look exactly the same they are actually the same so the order in which you take them doesn’t matter (i.e. the pill is monophasic).

I am asking about this stuff because I see that a lot of people online are confused about it and the leaflet included in my package of birth control pills is also not clear about these questions.

Thanks a lot!


i think there is no problem with these birth control pills too.


hello @pig

Apologies for my slow response. Most combined pills contain 21 pills with the same dose of hormone in them. If the package says each tablet contains this much progestagen and this much oestrogen then this means all the tablets are the same. You usually just start on the tablet that is marked with the day of the week that you are starting to take it and then follow the arrows round to complete the pack.

Many thanks