HPV Genital warts- how do you actually stop the virus, not just the symptom?


Hi @Dr_Paula,
I was diagnosed with a small no. of genital warts recently (including at the entrance to my vagina) and am now starting Warticon. My question is, after using the cream, even if the warts disappear, the virus will still be in my system so how do you prevent the warts coming back? My partner and I have both been testing negative for months. After I have the treatment, if the warts disappear I want to start having sex without a condom again (I’m on birth control), as I only have one sexual partner, but I’m worried the warts could return repeatedly, is this likely? Also, I was surprised to develop warts as I had the vaccine which gives protection against strain 6 and 11 which cause warts?

Also, I have developed a lump near my anus which feels larger and more tense, like a hemarrhoid (I think it developed after a small fissure from going to the toilet), is this likely to be linked to the HPV and how should I deal with this? Should I apply the cream here too?



Hello @mol2401

Many thanks for your question.

Most people will carry the HIP virus at some time in their lives and will usually carry it for many years. As you say, there is no way of telling whether you are carrying it and you may have been carrying it for years.

Visible warts appear, when your body’s immune system is not controlling the growth of the virus well. This can be for many reasons, being run down, smoking, pregnancy etc.

If you have been with your partner for some time then it is very likely that they carry the virus as well. So, my advice is to discuss this and to make a decision together about whether to continue to use condoms or not.

It is not unreasonable at all to stop using condoms on the basis that in a relationship that has continued for several months there is a good chance that both partners carry the virus. Condoms offer some protection, but this really depends on where the wart virus infection is. If it is not in an area covered by the condom then condoms are unlikely to be effective anyway.

The lump near the anus does not sound like a wart and you should definitely not use the cream on this.

Many thanks