I found out I had HSV2 12 months ago.Since then it has had a huge impact on my life.I feel disgusted in myself,I’m constantly examining myself for new spots to appear,any itch i get im forever looking down below.Im paranoid I have other infections has well,even though I have been tested with SH24 3 times over 12 months,and I have not even had a sexual partner since I found out i got HSV2.
I need to get these silly thoughts out of my head but finding it extremely difficult.Just talking helps,and the lovely doctor on here makes me feel less alienated.
Is there anybody else that feels the same has me or am I not normal.People day HSV2 is not a big deal and I’m finding it very hard to except that.


Hello @Onlyfools

It might be worth looking at the Herpes virus association website. https://herpes.org.uk/

They have lots of useful information and reassurance.

Many thanks