I didn't take the 7-day break after 21 pills


Hi! I started to use Yasmin, 21-day pill pack. I finished one card, and immediately moved on to the next without taking the 7-day break, as I wasn’t aware of it. I have taken three pills from my 2nd card now.

I’d like to know whether it’s (not taking the break) going to affect my body badly, and can I take the 7 day break from today onwards and continue the rest of the pills later? Or should I finish up this card as well, and then take the break?

Thank you so much.


Paula replied to my question ;

No there is no reason to take a break if you are not having any problems. There are no health benefits from taking a break to have a bleed.


Thanks @sj97 for passing this on - i am sorry for having been so slow at replying to this forum.

Many thanks