"I started with the pill..."


…but where did you go next?


Contraceptive decisions aren’t forever - many people find different methods suit them at different times in their life. It might take a long time before you find a method that suits you. Things change - side effects, your body, your relationship, your priorities… and all this will affect your contraception.

It can be really useful to hear other people’s contraceptive journeys - it helps see how other people adapt their contraception as their life changes. Its a source of suggestions and ideas.

:pill: You started with the pill… what did you try next and why?

We would love to hear your story.



I have to say that I didn’t think much about my contraception until after I’d had my first baby. I knew I didn’t want another baby for a while (I needed some sleep) so I had time to look at different options. I ended up carrying on with the pill - I decided against the coil or anything longer lasting as we were planning to try for another child within a few years. After child two, I think I went back on the pill but tbh we were not having sex so often as I was struggling with exhaustion!

We decided to try for a third child, and became pregnant very quickly, but sadly this ended in miscarriage. The whole experience was quite physically traumatic for me (lots of blood loss, fainting in public, spending the night in hospital on a drip), and after that I just didn’t want anything in my body for a while, so I used the natural family planning method with a great app called Clue.

This was a really nice time for me - getting to know my body and having a regular cycle, however it only worked because I wasn’t too worried about getting pregnant again, and it didn’t matter too much if I missed a temperature measurement one morning.

After baby three, we decided that was enough children and I had a Mirena coil fitted. After some initial problems, it seems to be fine and I can’t see why I’d change it now.

So I guess my journey really got going once big things (pregnancy, miscarriage) started happening to my body. Pregnancy and childbirth can be a lovely experience but you can also feel like your body has been a bit battered, with lots of people poking around inside you and your body shape changing. I also had terrible PGP (pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain) in all pregnancies, so i guess I felt like I wanted to take a bit more control of my body after that. I feel a bit differently about my body so I suppose that has made me think more carefully about my contraception, and ask lots of questions of my GP.