I want a 12 month prescription but keep getting only 6!


I’ve been on the combined pill for 2 years now, but my Dr will refuse to give me 12 month prescription, she only gives me 6. Am I able to challenge her, what are my rights @Dr_Paula?


Hello @Erin after 2 years, I’d encourage you to speak to your clinician about a 12 months supply.
Typically when you start the pill you will usually be given three months’ supply to see how it suits you. They may choose to ask you back in for the first 18 months or so to check your blood pressure, height and weight and to ensure you are getting on well with taking it. If all is well, you can be given up to a year’s supply of the pill. Let us know how you get on.


Hi @Erin, my tactic was to ask to have my contraceptive appointment with a nurse at the GP practice instead of a Dr - I found nurses were more up for discussion. I said I wanted a 12 month prescription and after looking at my history she was happy to give it to me :slight_smile:

I was also able to ask the nurse for the brand that suited me better (I noticed I had a lower mood and felt a bit dulled down on one type of combined pill - but was fine on another… the GP didn’t seem to take this seriously enough - it made me feel like I was making it up!)

Good luck! Mol