Implanon effectiveness nearing expiry


I had the Implanon (and yes it was definitely Implanon not Nexplanon) put in June 2017. I have had one tiny spotting incident since March 2018 until now. I am currently on day two of a very light period. Medications tend to be less effective for me, both in terms of dose and duration of effects. As I am nearing my replacement date, and have not had a period for almost 2 years, I am wondering if Implanon is losing its effectiveness, or if this is expected?


Hello @JTas

Many thanks for the question.

Implanon and Nexplanon are basically the same - the insertion process is different and Nexplanon has some stuff in it so that you can see it on X-ray.

The contraceptive effectiveness of both has been well studied up to 3 years - so we would not be worried about its effectiveness until it runs out in June 2020.

It is not unusual for your bleeding pattern to change on the implant.

If we see someone in clinic who has a change of bleeding pattern then we always think about - sexually transmitted infections, making sure that you are up to date with your smear or pregnancy. So it is always worth at least considering these things. It is not really possible for me to make an assessment on the forum. All I can really say is that this is not unusual and it will stay effective until the end of the three years, but if you have any concerns about the issues mentioned above then a trip to your sexual health clinic or GP would be an option.

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Thanks @Dr_Paula I will visit my GP to make sure everything is A-OK