Implant bent/ strange discharge?


I had the implant put in about a year ago and when I feel it in my arm it feels slightly bent- will this change its effectiveness?
Also after almost 5 months with no bleeding I’m now experiencing brown discharge and light bleeding- is this something to worry about?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @Quinn

Apologies for the slow reply - I am on holiday at the moment - so not checking the forum very regularly.

Implants are flexible and if you feel them within your arm they can be bent but they normally will return to their normal shape immediately. So if you feel that yours is permanently out of shape then it is important to get it checked just to make sure that it is not broken. Implants very rarely break - I have only seen it a few times, so it is important not to worry - but do get it checked.

In terms of the irregular bleeding. There are usually a couple of tests that we do if someone’s bleeding pattern changes when they are on the implant - usually a pregnancy test, an infection screen and looking at the neck of the womb to check that it is normal. So it might be a good idea to do these at the same time when you get your implant checked.

Many thanks