Implant to alternative (planning family)


I’ve had an implant for 9 years now (first implanon and next two Nexplanon).
It almost coming to the time where I either need to renew or need to look at other options.
Other than initial problems with irregular, prolonged periods which resolved with Dr help (pill for 3 months) I’ve loved it.
Prior to that I was on pill. I’d been fine on my first one, can’t remember name it was so long ago but green package, until I forgot to take it on holiday when on my break. So I ended up on one with the blank pills to help me remember. This resulted in lumpy, uncomfortable breasts. I was moved onto another for a short time before having the implant as I wanted something I didn’t need to rely on my memory for.
So onto present day; we would like to start a family in the next 1-2 years so I’m considering whether another implant is the best action.
I want something that can be easily stopped but that is convenient, I won’t forget and my fertility will return to normal fairly quickly after removal/stopping.
Other than can be stopped easily the implant does fit that but I wondered what other options there were. Confused, any advice @Dr_Paula ?


Hello Renee

Really nice to hear positive experience if the implant - It would be great if you would add some detail about what worked for you about the implant to this thread Why I love the implant
I am aware that we often focus on problems - which are really important but to make sure that this forum is balanced it is also important to focus on the good things.

Thanks for your question - you raise some interesting points.

I agree that the implant would meet your requirements and that your fertility would return to normal very quickly - within days. I also hear your point that inserting another one and removing it for a short time may not be ideal.

In terms of alternatives - your criteria is something that you don’t have to remember, is convenient and can be easily stopped.

You can look at our contraceptive comparator tool here

The injectable is the one contraceptive that can continue to affect your fertility for some time after you stop it - so it sounds like that is definitely out. Coils (hormone and non-hormone) have similar issues in terms of insertion and removal that you are wanting to avoid with the implant. The combined pill and the progestagen only pill you have to remember to take every day. So that leaves; the vaginal ring or patch (similar to the combined pill but you only have to remember to do something once a week or once every 3 weeks) or barrier methods like condoms or diaphragms. The other thing that it might be worth considering is natural cycles - you do need to remember to take your temperature every morning and you do need to use condoms or some other form of protection during your fertile days but the thing that might be interesting for you is that it enables you to track your cycle - so that when you start thinking about planning a pregnancy then you already know when you ovulate.

Hope helpful. It might help others to know what decision you make and how you get on.

Many thanks



Thank you @Dr_Paula
Being in a long term relationship (about 10 years) I’m not sure I want to return to condoms- I tend to experience dryness with those and I know I can use lubricant but we find it all rather a faff.
The ring is something I’ve never considered. Given the hormones in the ring and patch are the same as the pill, can you run them together like you would the pill, as the newer awareness/guidance suggests?


Hello Renee

Yes you can use the ring or the patch according to the new extended use regimes.

Many thanks



PS please don’t forget to post your story on the ‘Why I love the implant’ thread here Why I love the implant

You will help so many people by doing this.

Many thanks!