Implant to cerazette



@Dr_Paula hi I’ve recently had my implant removed due to continuous bleeding issues. I’ve had every test and scan going via the hospital and doctors to rule things out. And everything came back clear. I am now on cerazette I take it every night at 9pm. I felt I could rely on the implant whereas all I’m reading about online about cerazette is how many people have got pregnant on it. Its causing me to worry. My partner and I never used condoms when I was on the implant as we are both clear of infections and things whereas now I feel I cant trust the pill. Is the mini pill stronger or weaker than the implant? Or do you have any advice and guidance on how to stop worrying about its effectiveness. A lot of stories I read of people getting pregnant said they took it exactly the same time everyday. I know no form of contreception is 100% but the implant protected me however caused me many other issues.

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Hello @Nadine_Stacie

Many thanks for your question. If used consistently and correctly then progestagen only pills containing desogestrel (like Cerazette) are 99% effective.

They work in 3 ways - they stop you ovulating in 97% of cycles, they also thicken the cervical mucus so that sperm are unlikely to get to the womb and they thin the lining of the womb as a back up so if there was a fertilised egg it would be unlikely to implant.

Things that could decrease effectiveness are other medications that might interact, missed pills (more than 12 hours late) and severe diarrhoea or vomiting within 3 hours of taking the pill.

I completely understand your concern, but all the research evidence suggests that if you are taking it regularly you have a less than one percent chance of pregnancy.

Hope this is helpful, let me know if you would like further information.



@Dr_Paula thank you for your reply. So is it safe not to use condoms whilst on the mini pill? Also how would I know if I’m allergic to condoms? Especially if I’m not allergic to latex gloves. I’m experiencing soreness and irritation of my clit and clit hood and lips.


Hello @Nadine_Stacie

Yes, the mini pill is over 99% effective when used on its own without condoms as long as it is taken correctly.

In terms of the genital irritation that you describe - there are lots of possible causes:

It could be an allergy - either to the condom or the spermicide used to lubricate the condom - you could try condoms without spermicide or non-latex condoms and see whether this makes a difference. It could also be allergy to something unrelated to sex such as washing powder or soap.

It could be thrush - this is a non-sexually transmitted infection that commonly causes vaginal irritation, usually associated with a ‘clumpy’ white discharge.

Many thanks.