Implant to mini pill


Hi Dr Paula I’m having my implant out in just under two weeks and I’m going back on the mini pill. The doctor told me to start taking the pill two days before the implant is due to be taken out. Ive read online that it should be at least 7 days and you will need to use another barrier method. I wasn’t sure what the right advice was. If I started taking the mini pill now which is about 12 days before its due out would I need to use another barrier method once the implant is out?

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Hello @Nadine_Stacie

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care guidelines on switching methods states that if you go straight from the implant to the POP then you should not need to start the POP early, you just get the implant out and start the POP the same day and you should not need any additional contraception.

Hope helpful