Implant what to do ?!


I’ve jtst had my implant took out due to bad experience with it I’ve been on my period for month and was on my period when I got it out I’m still bleeding , so when do I start taking the pill? X


Hi @nkw781
Thanks for sharing your experience with the implant. Once you have taken it out you can start the pill any time. You can start it the next day if you wish.

You will need to wait the normal time until it becomes effective - 7 days for the combined pill and 2 days for the progestogen only pill. Which one did you chose to go for?

If you have had sex with a risk of pregnancy before starting the pill then you will need to do a pregnancy test before you start it - remember it takes 3 weeks from pregnancy risk to the pregnancy test becoming positive.

If your bleeding continues on the pill then you should do a pregnancy test anyway, have an STI check and make sure that you are up to date with your smear tests if you are over 24.

Hope that is helpful,