So I’ve had the implant in for two years and since having it in I’ve either had no periods at all and bleeding for nearly a month on and off. And I have really bad mood swings and feeling down all the time. I have decided to get it removed and was thinking of getting a non hormonal contraceptive like the coil as it might be a better option for me.


Hi Caroline_Loose - did you see this post on this other thread? Anxiety: Coil Vs pill? Looks like you are not the only one who is concerned about mood swings and feeling low on hormonal contraception. Most posts on that thread talking about the pill but I think some of the points relate to your situation maybe.


Hello all

We want to make sure we cover both the good and bad points of all methods of contraception. We just ran a conversation on Instagram asking to hear from people with positive experiences of the implant about what they love about the implant.

The winners are:

No stress to remember to take something every day.
No periods - for many people (but not all)
No pain on fitting

If you have anything to add - good or bad - post it here. We like to keep things on the forum as well as instagram because while the instagram stories disappear the forum threads stay as a record for others making contraceptive decisions.

Many thanks



Another advantage - a friend of mine can’t use oestrogen methods but the implant uses the progestogen hormone only so works perfectly for her.


that’s interesting …so it’s like the progesterone only pill, except you don’t need to remember to take anything!