Irregular Periods on Desogestrel



Long Story.

31 Female. No Children.

So I started on the mini pill (Zellata) in June 2019 as I was on the combined pill (Microgynon) for about 8 years which was great until I started having migraines with aura for a few months. I went to the doctors and they told me to change my pill.
I didnt want to have the injection or anything that was going to take it ages to come out of my system as I want to start a family in the future as I am in my 30s and I didnt want to be without any contraception. So I decided to go on the mini pill.
I am up to date on my smear tests.

I first started on the brand Zellata (Desogestrel) straight away the day after the combined pill as directed. I had a period during that week of starting it then nothing at all.
When I was having periods every month, I didnt have particulary heavy periods. They lasted the usaul 3-4 days but it was a proper period.

After being on the mini pill for just over a year (having Desogestral & Zellata prescribed every so many months) in July 2020, I started randomly having extremly light bleeding (brownish colour) which would only last for like 2 days or so.
Nothing again for a few months, until October 2020 which again was like a brown colour (like you do at the beginning and at the end of a period). I had the usual period/pelvic pains I used to get, but it didnt come to a proper period, this lasted about 2-3 days.
I went to my GP about this, and had a pelvic exam and a swab taken and everything came back fine. I have also took pregnancys tests too which is all fine.
I was still concered why this was happening after being on the mini pill for over a year and googling which is always a bad idea. I heard about this pill can be make periods irregular. I was still having the pelvic ache which was located towards my right groin/hip and leg. I then asked to have a pelvic ultrasound and transvaginal ultra sound for peace of mind as I was worried there was somothing wrong with the repoductive parts and I want to start a family in the future. I knows these scans check for alot, this all came back fine,so no problems there. The doctors dont seem concerned, but I have asked for a blood test for peace of mind again to make sure I dont have a hormone imblance or something.

This wekend end of November 2020 I have come on a period again with full body aches, period pains like I used to when I was regular but its is such a light period, not a proper one.
I am still putting up with the pelvic right side dull ache which honestly feels like it could be a pulled muscle, thats lasting months.

Has anyone else had this problem with the mini pill after being on it for over a year?
Feedback on this would be great @Dr_Paula



Any feedback on this @Dr_Paula?